My God, My Lyme

Prepare for a Radical Battlefield. Be inspired and encouraged by a true journey of faith through LYME. It’s an amazing and real life success story. You can’t help but be uplifted and gain strength from reading the story of one mom’s compelling journey from the brink of death to healing and restoration for herself and her children from LYME. Giving people the resources and HOPE they need for healing and how to live until they get there. Whether chronically ill with Lyme, already on your path to healing, or if you have conquered the mountain – this is for you. • Discovering Success in Life out of the Storms of LYME. • Be Inspired and Encouraged by this Journey of Faith • Envision and Experience Whole Body Healing • Prepare for a Radical Battlefield • Get the Emotional and Spiritual Awakening You Desperately Need.

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